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Welcome to Las Vegas Limousines®. Las Vegas Limousines® and this website are owned and operated by Frias Transportation Management. Frias Transportation Management owns the sole right to “all” information and materials on the website without limitations. Please read the following terms and conditions governing your use of our Website (“Terms of Use”).

We reserve the right to change the Terms of Use on this site at any time.


Clients agree to pay for all purchases. No terms and conditions of any agreement, reservation or order different from the standard terms will become part of any transaction unless specifically approved in a written amendment by Las Vegas Limousines®.

Website Limitations

Frias Transportation Management owns the sole right to “all” information and materials on the website without limitations.


All registration and billing information must be truthful and accurate. Providing false information may constitute a breach of terms. At the end of your transaction, you will process your request for service. By processing your request, you agree to accept all term and conditions and be responsible for payment on the requested services.


Reservations confirmed via contract must be signed by an authorized signor on behalf of the Client and an authorized LAS VEGAS LIMOUSINES® representative. Contracts must be originated by LAS VEGAS LIMOUSINES®, evidence of which is indicated by LAS VEGAS LIMOUSINES® letterhead, logo, or other approved LAS VEGAS LIMOUSINES® document. A complete list of persons authorized to sign any contract for services on behalf of LAS VEGAS LIMOUSINES® is available upon request.



All web sales are final and client agrees to pay for all purchases of services. Non-web purchases including company charges, invoices, and/or contracts will be generated by/through Las Vegas Limousines® corporate office located at 5010 South Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.

*Prices subject to change

Any consideration or refunds will be agreed upon by Las Vegas Limousines® in writing. When refunds or credits are approved, the approval request will take a minimum of 72 hours to process.


All deposits are non-refundable inside 24 hours of reservation. Any additions, changes, or cancellations must be committed to in writing. Any additions will be charged at the time they are added at the same rate, unless otherwise agreed upon by both LAS VEGAS LIMOUSINES® and the contract signor and responsible party. Changes will be accommodated whenever possible, and fees collected accordingly. Refunds will not apply to cancellations that cause the actual number of people to fall under the previously guaranteed number and amount of the collected payment. Consideration and review will be given to such situations as they arise. Any consideration or refunds will be agreed upon by LAS VEGAS LIMOUSINES® in writing and will be made in the same form as payment was made.